Introducing LiveFrom's FanWall Experience

On April 5, 2022, Kevin Garrett hosted the U.S. premiere of LiveFrom's FanWall interactive experience.

25 fans were "live in the room" with Kevin, creating opportunities for Artist-to-Fan engagements and 1:1 moments.

FanWall Fan Benefits

  • Create unique VIP Experience for superfans
  • Display these superfans directly in the program feed
  • Empower the Artist to interact directly with superfans, including the ability to conduct intimate Artist-to-Fan moments in real time.

    FanWall Artist Benefits

    By producing this interactive live concert experience, LiveFrom unlocks high-value revenue generating opportunities for artists. To attend this concert fans could:

    • For $10: view the concert through a private player with live text chat embeded on the artist or LiveFrom's website
    • For $40: join the FanWall for an unrepeatable musical experience including the potential of a one-on-one chat with the artist!